The 6 ladies of the Bellaplume core team bring more than 100 years of expertise to the table; from journalism and fashion to art, beauty, health, wellness, meditation, and yoga. You gasp because 100 sounds outrageously ancient. Well, this is exactly the point why the five of us got together to create something for women like us.
Bella Plume is the new platform for women who are right in the middle of their exciting (and sometimes exhausting) lives. No matter if they are Gen X (like us), Millennials or Baby Boomers.
What we created is not another lifestyle platform for the woman of a certain age (who really wants to hear that…), trying to sell you products. We write about all the things we are interested in or obsessed with. We give you an honest point of view, sincere reviews, straight-forward stories, and lots of laughter. We are the friend who shares that sweet little secret with you. We introduce you to other truly inspiring, cool women and invite you to be part of the gang.


(founder / editor-in-chief)

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Savania Davies-Keiller / founder /editor-in-chief

Savania is a creative director who has been at the helm of brands such as New Balance, Gap, Rebook and 361 to name a few. She is the founder / creative director of The WellHousenyc, a boutique agency made up of story tellers and creatives from multiple deciplines.

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Claudia Bodin / editor / curator BP gallery space

Claudia started in journalism covering the news on the streets of Berlin and worked for international women’s magazines for what feels like a lifetime before she found her true love, contemporary art.

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andrea davis kronlund / fashion contributor & sometimes BP Subject

Andrea is a fashion photographer and artist. Her work has been presented at the Brooklyn Museum, the International Center of Photography, Bibliothéque Nationale Paris, Kungliga Biblioteket, Kulturhuset, and Galleri Erik Axl Sund in Stockholm, as well as various galleries. She is also the founder of Krull Magazine the preeminent, lifestyle publication for black culture in Stockholm, Sweden.


Misty Fox / beauty contributor

Misty Fox is an Australian born make-up artist for the Entertainment industry, her work and experienced is in beauty, fashion, make up for Film and TV and Music. Her clients include shock rocker Alice Cooper, the ever inspiring Emily Haines of Metric, acclaimed actress Alison Brie and his Royal Highness, Duke of Sussex Prince Harry.

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Christine Curry / wellness contributor

Christina runs the Curry Sisters Yoga Retreats, offering hands on and deeply experienced yoga instruction in exotic locations across the globe. Christina has been practicing yoga for over 20 years now. Her inspiration, skills and knowledge to create a passion-filled career, a healthy lifestyle, and expansive worldview and to encouraged an evolution in consciousness. Her practice is a conscious experience in breathing, practicing asana, meditating and moving with intention. Her passion and commitment is to share this, so that people can continue to reach new depths in their practice and in their lives.

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Andre Curry / wellness contributor

Andrea and her sister Christina runs the Curry Sisters Yoga Retreats, offering hands on and deeply experienced yoga instruction in exotic locations across the globe. Andrea has been practicing yoga for over 20 years now, and teaching for 18 years. Whilst in the Peace Corp she taught yoga and during that time she realized her passion for yoga was as a means to facilitate health and healing. Andrea has a deep interest in and knowledge of wellness and is working to share and spread her experiences and discoveries.